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We are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Reaction Vessels Loacated in M.I.D.C.
Anandnagar, Ambernath, Thane, Mumbai, India.

Reaction Vessels

In any chemical plant, Reaction Vessels or Reactors play a vital role. All chemical reactions like nitration, sulphonation, chlorination , coupling etc are carried out in a closed reaction vessel they form one of the most important parts of any plant or chemical company. These vessels may vary as far as their capacity of storing reaction mass is concerned.

From 100 lts to 200000 lts. As per the need they are made up of Stainless Steel or Glass lined steel. Reagents or raw materials are charged inside the vessel using vacuum. A stirrer or paddle is provided to stir the reaction mass to get homogeneous mixture and to enhance the speed of the reaction.

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